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Find the table game, Dragon Tiger. Choose your bet amount and place your bet on the side that you feel has more possibility to win. The winner must has larger cards to defeat the lower cards. You may place your bet with the 'TIE' as well. If the Dragon and Tiger cards are equal, you would be returned of your 50& bet.  Good luck😉

Blackjackone of the most popular table games. You can't hit over 21 points in this game, otherwise you will get a burst and lose the bet. Click Hit, if you want to add more card. Or click Stand if you have enough cards. 

Casino War is like a war⚔️, that you are fighting with your luck. It is one of the most basic table games which everyone else is playing. Choose your bet amount and place it at any sides. Then, pray for your cards! Hope you get to draw a larger card and win the game❕

Belangkai is one of the hot table games. Choose your bet amount and place it at one of the symbols that you feel possible to win. Fish, Sun, Crab and Shrimp are the symbols that can be found in this game. 

Select your bet amount and place your bet on the potential numbers. Black or red, odd number or even number, numbers, and the range of numbers are the options that you can place your bet on. Place your bet wisely and spin the pin ball ⚪ on the roulette! 


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