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King Derby is the most popular gambling game since 1980s. It is a horse racing type of gamble, which 6 horses🐴 are known by their colors and post position numbers. Players would have to place their bets on the horses during the game. Place your bet on one of the horses that you feel would run the fastest. 

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We are sure some of you might feel familiar of this theme. Pokemon is a series of video games that was developed since 1996. The video game has became popular in worldwide, so too in this new generation. Therefore, some of the elements are replaced by the cute pokemon characters. However, the format and ways of playing are still the same.  Choose your bet amount and predict which character would win. 

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For the old players, Thunderbolt  game is no longer a rarely seen game. Thunderbolt is one of the arcade game which six different monkeys can be found. The 6 monkeys🐵 are wearing different color of shirts as well as holding different numbers to represent themselves. Choose your bet amount and simply bet which monkey would be the first one to climb to the top. 

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